Saudi Optitalia anticipates the needs, desires and aspirations of consumers every step of the way.

With a wholesale distribution structure that covers the whole Saudi Kingdome and Bahrain. Saudi Optitalia wholesale customers are mostly independent retailers of mid to premium-priced eyewear, optical retail chains, as well as department stores.



After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. It generates satisfied and loyal customers. That is why Saudi Optitalia relies on a very professional and well-experienced team.

Visual Merchandising

Saudi Optitalia pays a lot of attention to visual merchandising both internally and externally.

The visual merchandising department develops, delivers and communicate visual concepts and strategies to promote the retail brands, products and services in-store, in catalogues or online.

Saudi Optitalia visual merchandising designers work and collaborate closely with other departments to create annual visual strategies and promotional events in order to entertain, excite and maintain the interest of the target markets.


Saudi Optitalia Organizes training activities throughout the whole year, both internally and externally, aimed at imparting information and/or guiding the team to improve performance and to help them to obtain a required level of knowledge and skills to reach customer satisfaction.

PR & Marketing

Frequently events are being held in various locations to launch new collections and/or increase brands awareness. Saudi Optitalia, also, pays a lot of interest to social media done through the collaboration with most important influencers and bloggers in the area.